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Université de Strasbourg (UdS)

Prof. Paolo Samori

Allée Gaspard Monge
67000 Strasbourg

The Institut de Science et d’Ingènierie Supramolèculaires (ISIS) is a new research institute of Université Louis Pasteur of Strasbourg, founded by Prof. J.-M. Lehn (Nobel Laureate in chemistry). ISIS is financially supported by the French Ministry of Research and Technology and the CNRS. At ISIS multidisciplinary research is performed at the interface between physics, chemistry and biology.

The activity of the Nanochemistry Laboratory is addressed to Scanning Probe Microscopies beyond imaging, supramolecular chemistry, hierarchical self-assembly, nanochemistry/nano-physics of surfaces and interfaces, functional materials and fabrication of nanodevices based on supramolecular architectures. The research group, featuring an international character, presently consists of: 4 Post Docs and 5 Ph.D students.

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