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2D Excitons as Primary Energy Carriers in Organic Crystals: The Case of Oligoacenes

Emelianova EV, Athanasopoulos S , Silbey RJ, Beljonne D, United States (2010)

A number of organic crystals show anisotropic excitonic couplings, with weak interlayer interactions between molecules that are more strongly coupled within the layers. The resulting energy carriers are intralayer 2D excitons that diffuse along the interlayer direction. We model this analytically for infinite layers and using quantum-chemical calculations of the electronic couplings for anthracene clusters. We show that the exciton hopping rates and diffusion lengths depend in a subtle manner on the size and shape of the interacting aggregates, temperature, and the presence of energetic disorder.

Partners : UMons

Place of Publication : United States

Date of Publication : 2010/05/20

Additional Data : PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS Volume: 104 Issue: 20 Article Number: 206405

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