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A benzotrithiophene-based low band gap polymer for polymer solar cells with high open-circuit voltage

Christian B. Nielsen, Bob C. Schroeder, Afshin Hadipour, Barry P. Rand, Scott E. Watkins, and Iain McCulloch, London (2011)

A new benzotrithiophene-containing donor–acceptor type copolymer for polymer solar cells is reported. The promise of benzotrithiophene as a weak donor material is reflected in a polymer band gap of 1.75 eV affording a high Voc of 0.81 V and a moderate PCE of 2.2% in a polymer solar cell.

Partners : ICL, imec

Place of Publication : London

Date of Publication : 2011/10/04

Additional Data : J. Mater. Chem., 2011, 21, 17642-17645

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