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Charge-Carrier Transporting Graphene-Type Molecules

Wojciech Pisula, Xinliang Feng, and Klaus Mullen, Washington (2010)

Graphene-type molecules, typically large polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), have gained enormous interest because of their unique self-organization behavior and promising electronic properties for applications in organic electronics. This article reviews the thermotropic behavior and supramolecular organization of discotic PAHs in the bulk as well as their self-assembly on the surface at different length scales. Applications of PAHs in field-effect transistors and solar cells are discussed in light of various different processing approaches from solution that ensure high order and an adequate molecular arrangement in the device configuration.

Partners : MPG

Place of Publication : Washington

Date of Publication : 2010/10/26

Additional Data : Chem. Mater. XXXX, XXX, 000–000

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