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Dramatic Influence of the Electronic Structure on the Conductivity through Open- and Closed-Shell Molecules

Nuria Crivillers, Carmen Munuera, Marta Mas-Torrent, Claudia Simao, Stefan T. Bromley, Carmen Ocal, Concepcio Rovira, and Jaume Veciana, Weinheim (2009)

Two different SAMs based on the closed- and open-shell form of a PTM derivative have been prepared. The conductivity through these SAMs has been investigated by 3D mode C-SFM, and striking differences were observed between the open-shell and the closed-shell forms, the former being significantly more conducting. These two systems exhibit small differences in their molecular structure, but large differences in the electronic structure, which dramatically influences the transport properties. To our knowledge, this work demonstrates for the first time that comparative studies of the conductivity through closed- and open-shell molecules with close molecular structures carried out with 3D C-SFM can bring new insights in the transport mechanisms that prevail in molecular junctions, and offer new perspectives in the field of molecular electronics and molecular spintronics.

Partners : CSIC

Place of Publication : Weinheim

Date of Publication : 2009/02/19

Additional Data : Adv. Mater. 2009, 21, 1177–1181

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