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High permittivity dielectrics for poly(3-alkylthiophene) field-effect transistor devices

David Sparrowe, Gianluca Latini, Matt Bird, Natalie Stingelin, Amsterdam (2011)

In an attempt to disentangle the effects of permittivity and surface energy of the gate insulator (expressed by its dielectric constant k and water contact angle, respectively) on the performance of organic field-effect transistors (FETs), we fabricated top- and bottom-gate FET architectures with poly(3-alkylthiophenes) (P3ATs) of different side-chain lengths, using a range of gate dielectrics. We find that this class of semiconductor, including the short butyl-(C4–) substituted derivative, is significantly less susceptible to the often detrimental effects that high-k dielectrics can have on the performance of many organic FETs. For bottom gate devices we identify the surface energy of the gate dielectric to predominantly dictate the device mobility.

Partners : Merck, ICL

Place of Publication : Amsterdam

Date of Publication : 2011/11/15

Additional Data : Organic Electronics 13 (2012) 173–177

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