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Film-based Sensors with Piezoresistive Molecular Conductors as Active Components: Strain Damage and Thermal Regeneration

Elena Laukhina, Raphael Pfattner, Marta Mas-Torrent, Concepcio´ Rovira, Jaume Veciana, Vladimir Laukhin, Ontario (2011)

The article is addressed to the development of flexible all-organic bi layer (BL) film-based sensors being capable of measuring strain as a well-defined electrical signal in a wide range of elongations and temperature. The purpose was achieved by covering polycarbonate films with the polycrystalline layer of a high piezoresistive organic molecular conductor. To determine restrictions for sensor applications, the effect of monoaxial strain on the resistance and texture of the sensing layers of BL films was studied. The experiments have shown that the maximum strain before fracture is about 1 %. A thermal regeneration of the sensing layer of the BL film-based sensors that were damaged by cyclic load is also described. These sensors are able to take the place of conventional metal-based strain and pressure gages in low cost innovative controlling and monitoring technologies.

Partners : CSIC

Place of Publication : Ontario

Date of Publication : 2011/02/08

Link to the online version of the article.