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Functional Pentacene Thin Films Grown by In-Line Organic Vapor Phase Deposition at Web Speeds above 2m/min

Cédric Rolin, Soeren Steudel, Peter Vicca, Jan Genoe, and Paul Heremans, Tokyo (2010)

We show in this paper that the organic vapor phase deposition technique can advantageously be extended to an in-line system, where a susceptor moves at a constant speed underneath an elongated showerhead. Highly uniform pentacene films are grown at web speeds of up to 2.1 m/min, equivalent to an average deposition rate of 105 A/s in a static system. These pentacene films are of high electrical quality as proven by transistor mobilities of up to 1.5cm2 V-1 s-1 and five-stage ring oscillators on foil that achieve a frequency of 24 kHz at a supply voltage of 20 V.

Partners : imec

Place of Publication : Tokyo

Date of Publication : 2009/08/07

Additional Data : APPLIED PHYSICS EXPRESS, Volume: 2 Issue: 8 Article Number: 086503

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