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High Mobility Ambipolar Charge Transport in Polyselenophene Conjugated Polymers

Zhuoying Chen, Henrik Lemke, Sebastian Albert-Seifried, Mario Caironi, Martin Meedom Nielsen, Martin Heeney, Weimin Zhang, Iain McCulloch, and Henning Sirringhaus, Weinheim (2010)

High mobility ambipolor polymer field-effect transistors based on a series of regioregular polyselenophenes are presented together with their morphological and optical properties. Balanced electron and hole mobilities on the order of 0.03 cm2 V-1 s-1 are observed by employing a simple top-gate/bottom-contact configuration with photolithographically defined gold source/drain contacts. High gain complementary-like voltage inverters are demonstrated based on two identical ambipolar transistors.

Partners : UCAM, ICL, UCPH

Place of Publication : Weinheim

Date of Publication : 2010/03/29

Additional Data : ADVANCED MATERIALS, Volume: 22 Issue: 21

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