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Influence of molecular architecture and processing on properties of semiconducting arylacetylene: Insulating poly(vinylidene fluoride) blends

Pascal Wolfer, Maria Laura Santarelli, Luigi Vaccaro, Liyang Yu, Thomas D. Anthopoulos, Paul Smith, Natalie Stingelin, Assunta Marrocchi, Amsterdam (2011)

Blends of chemically readily accessible, small-molecular arylacetylene derivatives with poly(vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF) are presented that allow reliable solution processing of field-effect transistor (FET) architectures with electronic characteristics comparable to those of the neat semiconductors. We demonstrate that having the chemical means and corresponding processing protocols to control solid-state microstructures by either adjusting the chemical nature of the organic semiconductor, blend composition or deposition temperature, permit straight-forward comparison between materials and allow probing if electronic characteristics are affected by the chemical structure of the organic semiconductor and/or selected processing protocols.

Partners : ICL

Place of Publication : Amsterdam

Date of Publication : 2011/08/17

Additional Data : P. Wolfer et al. / Organic Electronics 12 (2011) 1886–1892

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