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Inkjet printing of TIPS-PEN on soluble polymer insulating films: a route to high performance thin-film transistors

Charlotte Kjellander, Wiljan Smaal, John Anthony and Gerwin Gelinck, Weinheim (2010)

A new method to improve the TFT performance of inkjet printed TIPS-PEN bottom-gate devices is presented. By printing TIPS-PEN on a thin layer of P-alpha-MS effectively a blend ink is formed that dries differently than the pure ink, and larger grains are formed. As a result, charge transport is improved and ink spreading and drying is spatially well controlled as a result of self aligned bank formation. Highest mobilities, 0.7-0.8 cm2V−1s−1, were measured for 30 nm 59 kDa and 7 nm 868 kDa P-alpha-MS printed at 70 °C. These mobilities are amongst the highest reported for inkjet printed organic transistors and indicate that TIPS-PENforms a high quality and continuous layer close to the interface with the gate-dielectric.

Partners : TNO

Place of Publication : Weinheim

Date of Publication : 2010/10/19

Additional Data : Adv. Mater. 2010, 22, 4612–4616

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