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Interfacial dipole dynamics of light-emitting diodes incorporating a poly(amidoamine) dendrimer monolayer

Gustaf Winroth, Oliver Fenwick, Mark A. Scott, Daniel Yip, Stefan Howorka, Franco Cacialli, United States (2010)

We investigate the effects induced by a nonconjugated self-assembled monolayer of polyamidoamine PAMAM on the work function of thermally evaporated Al-electrodes. We compare results from Kelvin probe measurement of the electrodes work function with electroabsorption characterization of the built-in voltage of polymer light-emitting diodes incorporating them. Interestingly, we find that the PAMAM monolayer decreases the work function by 0.4 eV in a Kelvin probe measurement but that the dipole induced by the PAMAM monolayer is altered by biasing, and that it exhibits a hysteretic behavior in a cyclic voltage scan.

Partners : UCL

Place of Publication : United States

Date of Publication : 2010/06/13

Additional Data : APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 97, 043304

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