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Negative Differential Resistance (NDR) in similar molecules with distinct redox behavior

Núria Crivillers, Markos Paradinas, Marta Mas-Torrent, Stefan T. Bromley, Concepció Rovira, Carmen Ocal and Jaume Veciana, London (2011)

The transport characterization of self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) based on the closed and open-shell forms of a fully conjugated polychlorotrimethylphenyl (PTM) derivative hybridized with the gold substrate reveals that both systems exhibit negative differential resistance (NDR) in their I–V curves which was attributed to similar resonant tunnelling with unoccupied molecular orbitals. This work demonstrates that distinct transport mechanisms can dominate depending on the bias-voltage applied and shows that NDR processes are not influenced here by the redox character of the molecules.

Partners : CSIC

Place of Publication : London

Date of Publication : 2011/03/15

Link to the online version of the article.