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Optical and Electroluminescent Properties of Conjugated Polyrotaxanes

Sergio Brovelli, Franco Cacialli, Weinheim (2011)

Conjugated polyrotaxanes[1, 2] are conjugated polymeric semiconductors that can be used as a remarkable class of model compounds to achieve significant understanding of the fundamental physical properties of conjugated semiconductors. This is important since the electronic and optical properties of conjugated polymers and other organic semiconductors, now a well established class of functional materials whose intriguing properties find application in a wide range of devices, from light-emitting diodes, LEDs[3], to photovoltaic diodes[4-6], and transistors[7, 8], are controlled both by the primary molecular structure and by supramolecular interactions in a way similar to that in which secondary and ternary structures are fundamental to the function of proteins[9]. Although the versatility of organic chemistry has allowed significant progress in achieving control over the solid-state properties of functional organic molecules in the last two decades, the attention has been focused on covalent bonding and on tailoring of “intramolecular functionality” (pi-conjugation). Control at the intermolecular level is more elusive, but equally important in determining the properties of the functional materials (e.g. charge transport or luminescence efficiency), and there is in fact increasing interest in the role of three-dimensional (3 D) interactions in polymeric semiconductors. So far, control over supramolecular interactions has been implemented and mediated mainly via the structural, chemical and electronic properties of “sidechains”, that is functional groups covalently grafted onto the polymers backbone. Recently, however, a renewed interest in supramolecular chemistry has produced a variety of supramolecular architectures of relevance to organic electronics.

Partners : UCL

Place of Publication : Weinheim

Date of Publication : 2010/12/20

Additional Data : Chapter for edited book

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