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Organic tandem solar cells with complementary absorbing layers and a high open-circuit voltage

David Cheyns, Barry P. Rand, and Paul Heremans, New York (2010)

Tandem organic solar cells with peak conversion effciencies (eta) of 5.15% are demonstrated. This is achieved by stacking two di fferent planar heterojunction devices, each with a high open-circuit voltage (Voc). The phthalocyanine based donor materials in the employed subcells possess complementary absorption, a quality of critical importance to optimize photocurrent in a series connected tandem cell. The tandem structure produces Voc values of nearly 2 V, while fill factor remains above 60%. The measured eta corresponds to a 40% increase compared to eta of the optimal single cells.

Partners : imec

Place of Publication : New York

Date of Publication : 2010/07/19

Additional Data : APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, Volume: 97

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