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Revealing Buried Interfaces to Understand the Origins of Threshold Voltage Shifts in Organic Field-Effect Transistors

Simon G.J. Mathijssen, Mark-Jan Spijkman, Anne-Marije Andringa, Paul A. van Hal, Iain McCulloch, Martijn Kemerink, René A.J. Janssen, and Dago M. de Leeuw, Weinheim (2010)

We have used Kelvin probe microscopy on delaminated organic-field effect transistors to demonstrate that charge trapping in stressed devices does not occur in the semiconductor but in the gate dielectric, irrespective of p- or n-type operation. Charging of the gate dielectric was unambiguously established by the fact that the threshold voltage shift remained, when a pristine organic semiconductor was deposited on the exposed gate dielectric of a stressed and delaminated field-effect transistor. The exfoliation method developed for field-effect transistors can directly be utilized to study dynamic processes in variety of systems that occurs at buried interfaces that are bound by weak Van-der-Waals forces.

Partners : Philips, ICL

Place of Publication : Weinheim

Date of Publication : 2010/09/21

Additional Data : Issue Advanced Materials Volume 22, Issue 45, pages 5105–5109

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