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Silaindacenodithiophene semiconducting polymers for efficient solar cells and high mobility ambipolar transistors

Raja Shahid Ashraf, Zhuoying Chen, Dong Seok Leem, Hugo Bronstein, Weimin Zhang, Bob Schroeder, Yves Geerts, Jeremy Smith, Scott Watkins, Thomas Anthopoulos, Henning Sirringhaus, John C. de Mello, Martin Heeney, Iain McCulloch, Washington (2011)

The synthesis of a novel fused coplanar chromophore, silaindacenodithiophene, as shown in Figure 1, is reported along with the semiconducting properties of two copolymers in field effect transistor and photovoltaic devices.

Partners : ICL, UCAM, ULB

Place of Publication : Washington

Date of Publication : 2010/12/02

Additional Data : Chem. Mater. 2011, 23, 768–770

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