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Single Molecular Wires Get a Lift

Jeffrey M. Mativetsky, Paolo Samorì, Weinheim (2009)

Single molecule wires, resistors, transistors, and logic elements represent the ultimate endpoint of miniaturization in electronics, and the principal goal of molecular electronics. Technologically speaking, consumer electronics based on single molecules is still a long way off due to enormous barriers in nanofabrication and integration; nonetheless, pioneering fundamental studies on small numbers of molecules, and even single molecules, are starting to show a range of electrical function including single electron transistor properties, rectification, and switching. In addition, electrical devices, such as transistors, lightemitting diodes, and solar cells built from thin films of organic materials are already entering the commercialization stage. A fundamental understanding of the intrinsic intramolecular transport properties of molecules is therefore of great interest for the further advancement of large-area organic electronics, and increasingly for the potential emergence of organic nanoelectronics.

Partners : UdS

Place of Publication : Weinheim

Date of Publication : 2009/07/27

Additional Data : small 2009, 5, No. 17

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