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Towards Flexible Biocompatible Pressure Sensors: Covering Polymeric Films with a Highly Piezoresistive Organic Molecular Metal

Elena Laukhina, Vladimir Laukhin, Victor Lebedev, Concepció Rovira, Jaume Veciana, France (2011)

The article reports a promising approach to engineering biocompatible and highly piezoresistive membrane for flexible weightless transparent pressure sensors. The developed membrane is based on a bi layer (BL) film composing a polycarbonate (PC) matrix “self-metallized” with a highly piezoresistive organic molecular metal. The key role of the matrix thickness in the enhancement of the pressure sensitivity of BL film-based membranes was shown. The presented approach permits engineering biocompatible all-organic membranes with pressure sensitivity being of 8 /mmHg. To determine restrictions for BL films applications in biomedical high-tech, the effect of the body temperature on membrane piezoresitive properties was studied. The pressure tests at 26 oC, 33 oC and 40 oC showed that the body temperature does not significantly influence on the membrane pressure sensitivity. Therefore this type of membrane sensors is able to take the place of conventional metal-based strain and pressure gages in monitoring biomedical high-tech.

Partners : CSIC

Place of Publication : France

Date of Publication : 2011/08/21

Additional Data : SENSORDEVICES 2011 : The Second International Conference on Sensor Device Technologies and Applications

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