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Trapping of electrons in metal oxide-polymer memory diodes in the initial stage of electroforming

Benjamin F. Bory, Stefan C. J. Meskers, René A. J. Janssen, Henrique L. Gomes, and Dago M. de Leeuw, New York (2011)

Metal oxide-polymer diodes require electroforming before they act as nonvolatile resistive switching memory diodes. Here we investigate the early stages of the electroforming process in Al/Al2O3 / polyspirofluorene /Ba/Al diodes using quasistatic capacitance-voltage measurements. In the initial stage, electrons are injected into the polymer and then deeply trapped near the polyspirofluorene-Al2O3 interface. For bias voltages below 6 V, the number of trapped electrons is found to be CoxideV/ q with Coxide as the geometrical capacitance of the oxide layer. This implies a density of traps for the electrons at the polymer-metal oxide interface larger than 310 17 m−2

Partners : Philips

Place of Publication : New York

Date of Publication : 2010/11/30

Additional Data : APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 97, 222106

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