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Triplet excitation scavenging as method to control the triplet concentration

Sarah Schols, Andrey kadashchuk, Paul Heremans, Anke Helfer and Ullrich Scherf, United States (2009)

In this manuscript, non-classical nonvertical triplet acceptors are proposed as a promising class of efficient triplet scavengers for future solid-state electrically pumped organic lasers. Triplet excitation scavenging is investigated in polymer films of polyfluorene, a prospective material for the fabrication of thin-film organic lasers. Two dopant molecules, cyclooctatetraene (COT, a nonvertical triplet acceptor) and anthracene (a vertical triplet acceptor), are studied and the occurrence of anomalous nonvertical triplet energy transfer in solid conjugated polymer films is demonstrated for the first time employing COT.

Partners : imec, BUW

Place of Publication : United States

Date of Publication : 2009/08/27

Additional Data : Proceedings of the SPIE, Volume 7415, pp. 74150A-74150A-9 (2009)

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