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Interfacial electronic properties of pentacene tuned by a molecular monolayer of C60

X. Liu, Y. Zhan, S. Braun, F. Li, M. Fahlman, W. Salaneck, United States (2009)

Fine-tuning charge injection barriers between organic materials and electrodes is critical to optimize organic electronic device performance. Here we demonstrate that by modifying gold substrates with a monolayer of fullerene, significant decrease in the hole-injection barrier into pentacene films can be achieved. The insertion of the fullerene monolayer modifies the interfacial dipole and produces an interface where the pentacene molecules form a standing-up orientation with their long axis parallel to the surface normal. The latter effect lowers the vertical ionization energy of the pentacene molecules at the interface as compared to the pentaceneon- Au case, as well as improves the pi-pi overlap between the pentacene molecules that will likely enhance the transport properties in corresponding devices.

Partners : LIU

Place of Publication : United States

Date of Publication : 2009/09/01

Additional Data : Physical Review B 80, 115401 (2009)

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