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Ultra-low voltage air-stable polyelectrolyte gated n-type OTFTs

Abdellah Malti, Erik O. Gabrielsson, Magnus Berggren, and Xavier Crispin, United States (2011)

Complementary circuits, processing digital signals, are a cornerstone of modern electronics. Such circuits require both p- and n-type transistors. Polyelectrolytes are used as gate insulators in organic thin film transistors (OTFTs) to establish an electric double layer capacitor upon gate bias that allows low operational voltages (<1 V). However, stable and low-voltage operating n-channel organic transistors have proven difficult to construct. Here, we report ultra-low voltage n-channel organic polymer-based transistors that are stable in ambient atmosphere. Our n-type OTFTs exhibit on/off ratios around 10 3 for an applied drain potential as low as 0.1 V. Since small ions are known to promote electrochemical reactions within the semiconductor’s channel bulk and typically slow down the transistor, we use a solid polycationic gate insulator that suppresses penetration of anions into the n-channel semiconductor. As a result, our n-channel OTFTs switch on in under 5 ms and off in less than 1 ms.

Partners : LIU

Place of Publication : United States

Date of Publication : 2011/08/12

Additional Data : Appl. Phys. Lett. 99, 063305 (2011)

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